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Platte Lake Sets National Example For Solving Toxic Algae

Keith Schnieder, an environmental wrirter, has just posted an interesting article about how our work on Platte lake is setting an example for other bodies of water facing problems similar to ours.  Here's the link


Join us for a Dialogue with the DNR on June 17 details here

Save these Dates This Summer!

Here's a listing of upcoming PLIA events you'll want to put in your calendar.

The State of Michigan has created a webinar that describes best practices for shoreline management: Advancing Inland Lake Stewardship through Shoreline Best Management Practices

2022 Shoreline Survey Results are here

The latest update of our Database of lake data is now available here.

New Lake Depth Map

Here's a link to the most detailed depth map of Platte Lake we've ever seen.

Here's the link to our drone footage of the July 4th Boat Parade


  • Lake Surface Temperature:
    5/24/23: 62, 6/1/23: 71.5
  • Secchi Readings::
    5/24/23: 15 feet, 6/1/23: 17.5 feet
  • Flow:
    Appx 3.5 million gallons/ hour flow in from the Upper Platte River
  • Depth:
    95 ft maximum, 24 ft average


Since our efforts began in 1978, we’ve seen a 12 foot increase in depth clarity.

What can I do to help the lake?

  • Become a member of the PLIA and support its efforts. Join now
  • Encourage your neighbors to join.
  • Keep grass clippings and leaves out of the lake. This is especially important in the fall.
  • Don’t use fertilizers containing phosphorus.
  • Maintain your septic system or holding tanks and pump your tank every 2 years

Make 2022 the year you become a PLIA Member and contribute generously to our work in keeping Platte Lake clean and beautiful for generations to come. Join Now!

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