Helping keep Platte Lake Clean for 36 Years

The Power of the 2000 Settlement Agreement

The 2000 Settlement Agreement between the PLIA and MDNR was the culmination of 16 years of PLIA efforts to resolve the issue of declining lake water quality. It established tight controls on the Platte River Fish Hatchery’s operation. It allowed the MDNR to proceed with an upgrade of the hatchery that ultimately would dramatically reduce its environmental impact on Platte Lake and improve the quality of the lake’s water.

This original agreement and subsequent amendments are significant in that they define a legally-binding management path forward that will insure the long-term health and preservation of Platte Lake and the Platte River. The Settlement Agreement and its Amendments are available here.

The Platte Lake Improvement Association must continue to exist. As long as the PLIA continues to speak for the lake, the power of this agreement will remain.

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