Helping keep Platte Lake Clean for 36 Years

2019 Swimmer's Itch Study Final Report is here

And a followup piece on Preventing Swimmers Itch

We've got 29 years of lake temperature data

 The chart showing the volume weighted average temperature of the lake is here.

Aerial Drone Survey 

In 2018 we commissioned ZeroGravity Aerial to do a drone survey of the lake to quantify the presence of eurasian milfoil (an invasive aquatic plant). Here is the info from that effort:


Raw data


Swimmer's Itch Study

In 2018 the PLIA participated in a study being done by Oakland University to better understand swimmer's itch.  Here are some documents related to this study:

Study overview powerpoint

     August 6, 2016 Presentation

February 2017 Progress Report

June 2017 Presentation

      MSU Extension Bulletin on Swimmer's Itch

2017 Annual Meeting Presentation

Here's a copy of the presentation made at our 2017 Annual meeting.

The analysis of sampling programs study we commissioned has been published!

Last year the PLIA commissioned a statistical analysis to determine the minimum number of samples needed to detect changes in the total phosphorus concentration in Platte Lake. Dr. Eric Smith of Virginia Tech and Dr. Ray Canale collaborated on the study, which has now been published in the peer-reviewed journal Lake and Reservoir Management. Here's a link to the article:  An Analysis of sampling programs to evaluate compliance with numerical standards: total phosphorus in Platte Lake, MI

Our December 2017 Newsletter is here

The Platte River Watershed Management Plan is now approved!

Click here for the plan (note: it is a large file).

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