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We are a grassroots, non-profit association of homeowners who are committed to insuring that Platte Lake is a healthy and beautiful body of water that everyone can enjoy now and in the future.

What's new for 2021?

Save the Date for our 2021 Annual Meeting:  August 7th

An Exciting new project

This year we’re launching an exciting project to conduct underwater photographic/video mapping of Platte Lake.  The intent is to baseline map and identify what is actually in Platte Lake in terms of native versus invasive plants, algae, snails, clams, crayfish, small and large fish, unique structure, etc., etc.  This will provide a basis for comparison not only in future years, but season to season in terms what has actually changed. 

To accomplish this task, we have purchased a DeepTrecker 3 underwater Remotely Piloted Vehicle (ROV) with a high-res 4K camera with time, date, heading, depth, temperature, and GPS location of the control unit. Here is a link to a video about the DeepTrecker:

We believe the usefulness of this tool will only be limited by one’s imagination.  The unit has approx. 250 ft of tether.  We are in the early stage of checkout and will be running transects shortly to work out the bugs, etc.

We will be generating hours of video which will require review to identify time and date for specific sightings of plants, fish, snails, clams and mussels, etc., etc. etc.  Once the system and process are developed, we look forward to help from the membership at large.  I expect what we will discover is going to be nothing short of fascinating!  I am sure we can be the source of information/data for all sorts of student projects!

Make 2021 the year you become a PLIA member and contribute generously to our work in keeping Platte Lake clean and beautiful.

Address:PO Box 272, Honor, MI 49640-0272


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