Helping keep Platte Lake Clean for 36 Years

Welcome to the PLIA website!

We are a grassroots, non-profit association of homeowners who are committed to insuring that Platte Lake is a healthy and beautiful body of water that everyone can enjoy now and in the future.

Garlic Mustard Alert!

Here's a link to the email we sent, and one to an MSU guide to invasive plants

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter is in the mail!

Here's the link to the newsletter,

And the links for materials referenced in the newsletter:

Fall 2019 Salmon Run

March 19 PLIA/Hatchery meeting


-Minutes of the meeting

-Minutes of 3/25 Followup meeting

Lake & Watershed Montoring

-LWS DataBase 4/29/2020

-Watershed Mass Balance Complete

Swimmer's Itch

-2019 Final Report

-New Species discovered

Aquatic Plant Survey Info

-2019 Survey

-2003 Hydroacoustic Survey

-1984 Survey

-1940 Survey

Oak Wilt

- Dr. Roberts MSU info

-Note from PLIA Member Mark Esper

Make 2020 the year you become a PLIA member and contribute generously to our work in keeping Platte Lake clean and beautiful.

Address:PO Box 272, Honor, MI 49640-0272


(Please include the expression "Platte&" in the subject line of your message.)

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